You’re Doing a Great Job 

Irene Alexander // Tales From the Trenches


January 12  

When the kids are moody, the house is disorganized, and you’re looking at that “to-do” list with nothing checked off, it can feel disheartening. When you’ve been pouring yourself out unreservedly for your kiddos, and you’re so foggy-brained that you can’t even remember what exactly you did today, it’s really frustrating. When you did your best to put an amazing meal on the dinner table, and the kids raise an eyebrow and say, “Is that all you made?” it’s the worst. 

Why is being a mom so hard at times? Maybe you’re feeling depleted, frustrated, and you wonder whether or not you’re a good mom. Some days just feel like a fog, or worse, a failure. Maybe you’re so tired you can’t even think! But here’s what I want to tell you today. Listen closely because I really mean it. 

You’re an amazing mom. 

Seriously, though. I’m not just saying it. Here’s three reasons why I know you’re doing a great job. 

1. You care SO much. 

Having kids is like having your own heart mysteriously walking around outside of your body. Every struggle they have you feel it as if it were your own. You care so much it’s like a weight you carry around that nobody else can see, but you feel so deeply. You are constantly paying attention to all the details of what they need in their lives to make sure they are happy, healthy, and thriving.

2. You’ve got eyes in the back of your head and eyes in your heart. 

It’s your maternal spidey-sense. You know what I mean. It’s how you saved your toddler’s life three times a day before lunch. You’re constantly “on” and noticing everything that’s happening. Your vision is like a super-power (You have saved lives with it!), but it can also be exhausting. 

You not only anticipate and respond to all the impending dangers, but you can also see deeply into hearts. More than anyone in their lives, you’re in tune with your kids’ ever-changing emotions. You see your kids as they really are and love them with all you’ve got. You’re constantly agonizing over your decisions, which shows how deeply you love them. Sometimes you’re challenging them, sometimes you’re giving them a listening ear, or a hug and a snuggle. 

Unlike anybody else, you see them as they really are and love them unconditionally. There’s nothing more beautiful than a love like that!

3. You’re simply extraordinary. 

Remember back in your dating days, when an amazing man pursued your heart because your beauty inspired him? He snatched you up because he knew that you’re one of a kind! Yup. That’s you. That’s the same you. 

Maybe you don’t style your hair as often or you’re still wearing the yoga pants you slept in. That’s perfectly fine. Underneath being a “mom” is the amazing woman whose heart is full of so many gifts and talents you share with your family. So just take a moment and acknowledge that you are a gift. You always have been. It’s who you are. 

So yes, mama, you’re doing a great job. 

And while you’re at it, treat yourself to something nice today. Because . . . you deserve it. 

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