You are a Gift 

Irene Alexander // Tales From the Trenches


June 9  

I was reading a children’s book to my kids when one of the characters all of a sudden dropped some serious wisdom. He said that moments of imperfection can often cause us to doubt our own abilities. Next thing you know, you’re seeing the world through the lens of everything that isn’t going well, and it’s easy to lose sight of just how good things really are—how good you are, and how desperately you are needed.  

I sometimes fall into this mentality as a mom. 

Like the time I was so exhausted taking care of my demanding, fussy toddlers that I snapped impatiently at my youngest, and she started to cry.  “I’m a bad mom,” I thought to myself, and I felt so terrible. Since I felt so low, my mind kept thinking of more and more evidence to confirm my initial thought, which made me feel even worse

But it’s a trap! 

The truth is that God made each one of us with a goodness beyond measure—a goodness that reflects a unique facet of his glory. Do you realize, if you don’t show up with all the amazing glory that he gave you, the world will be deprived of knowing this aspect of his goodness? This is what it means to be created in his image! You reflect God’s goodness in a totally unique and extraordinary way. 

As a mom, every child you bear gives the world a new glimpse into God’s goodnessa goodness that would otherwise be unseen and unknown unless you gave that gift to the world. 

The same is true of you. You image the beauty and glory of God in a totally unique and unrepeatable way, and you’re desperately neededto give of your mind, your body, your heart—first to your family, and then even beyond . . .

And yes, there’s still plenty of imperfections along the way. There’s always the need to ask forgiveness and to practice self-forgiveness, because the image he wants to light up in you is so stunning that when others see it they will know that God exists and that he is good. They will be free to soon discover their own God-given glory. 

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