When Holy Spirit Comfort Is the Way Through

Jolly Hormillosa // Tales From the Trenches


June 25  

When the perfect storm hits, I find myself whisper it loud to the heavens. If not aloud, my initial heart’s response to the whirlwind of circumstances cries out, “not today” . . . “I can’t, God” . . . “I cannot.”

I can’t deal with this child’s behavior.

I can not bear this diagnosis.

I can’t give anymore.

I can not wait for the need to be met.

I can’t survive more loss.

I can not see the way out.

I can’t forgive.

I can not be enough. “I’m done, God” . . . This is when I am a child all over again, without the seeming capability or skill necessary to walk forward.

It’s at these times that the Holy Spirit speaks comfort into my heart:

I see your try-hard attempts. I see your weariness. I see your blind-spots. I know where you come from. I know all you have been through. I see what cuts you to the quick all over again. Daughter-called-Mama, I know you can not. You can’t, but I can. I have always been coming for you in every single hard place. I am here to bring even more freedom― freedom from shackles that bind. I come to draw you into my constant and perfect love. You were made to grow, to change, and to thrive. This happens in my presence. Don’t look at my Holy Spirit’s  presence as only a far-off sentiment. Ask me to come. I am real. Ask me to comfort your wounded heart. Embrace all the love I have for you.

The Holy Spirit is ultimate comfort according to sacred scripture:

Constant Comfort

The Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus to help me. Before I even cry out, he is already at work with provision, and will remain with me to the end of time (John 14:16).

Devoted Comfort

The Holy Spirit has known me from the beginning of time. The Holy Spirit’s love is the very presence that knows me more than anyone, having formed me in my mother’s womb. It is the Holy Spirit who has poured the love of God directly into me, and the Spirit lives in me (1 Corinthians 3:16-17).

Effective Comfort

In a world where promises turn up hollow and talk can ring cheap, the Holy Spirit is a decidedly sound presence. He is active and involved, making intercession for me beyond what my own words can begin to express. The Holy Spirit knows my need intimately (Romans 8:26-27).

Aware Comfort

Often, well-meaning friends or messages of the world give me “solutions” that only scratch the surface, offering temporary relief at best. Only the Holy Spirit is wise enough to look into the depths of my heart and uncover the root of my need. It is the Holy Spirit who brings my misconceptions to light. The Holy Spirit heals each layer of the wounded places and broken trust in my heart to bring a greater understanding of the greatness of God  (Isaiah 11:2).

Secure Comfort

The Holy Spirit knows the mind, will, and heart of Father God. His comforting presence is pure holiness and is with me in power in any form of my human need or weakness. I am secure and safe in the person of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:7–13).

Unwavering Comfort

His love is unending. He pursues me by all means. He is for me, sometimes more than I am for myself. No matter how weary I may feel, or how heart-stubborn my response might be to the heartache in front of me, the Holy Spirit does not lose faith in me. He knows me fully, yet he is drawn to me in my human weakness and sins. The Holy Spirit is ultimately faithful. People and situations fail and falter, but I can run to the arms of the Holy Spirit and put all my trust in him (Psalm 139:7–10).

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