Trusting God

Carol Kelly // Tales From the Trenches


April 20  

It’s something we’ve all heard throughout our lives: “Trust God.” “God knows what he’s doing.” “Give everything to him.” Much easier said than done. 

It goes along with praying for patience: this is a prayer that is sure to be granted, especially for us mothers. Each child gives us ample opportunity at one time or another to place our trust in God, our Father. 

Yes, he will eventually sleep through the night. 

Yes, she will learn to walk. 

Yes, he will (someday) not be a picky eater. 

Yes, they will be kind to their siblings. 

No, he will not always give you such an eye-rolling attitude and will realize his crazy mother was, in fact, acting in his best interest.

A few weeks ago, my family went to a park nearby to hike, explore, and let the dog work out energy (or at least that’s always the goal).

We came to our usual resting spot: a dry creek bed with trees for the kids to climb. I just love being outside and witnessing the kids experience nature. My daughter started scaling one of the larger trees, but she paused when my husband pointed out that the limb was largely rotting. She said “okay” and turned to climb back down, but her father assured her it would be alright. He talked her through climbing out on that rotting limb, hugging her arms around it, and letting herself onto the ground gently, safe and sound. My daughter turned around afterward with such a look of satisfied accomplishment. I was struck with the fact that this is what God our Father does with us. He encourages us to venture forward into difficult, uncertain, painful, or at least unpleasant circumstances. If we just stop and listen to his words, we’ll come out okay, with just a few scrapes. 

We went back to the same part of that park more recently, and that limb had indeed fallen off the tree. We had to find other places to explore, other trees to climb. What had seemed treacherous was not even a possibility anymore. God allows us to have additional adventures, bringing with us as ammunition the lessons he has already taught us. The lessons that can be so painful seem as nothing when faced with new challenges. 

 Look! I am doing a new thing! (Is 43:19)

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  • Thank you Carol! It is so true when we look back and see how far we have come. I’m so grateful God has brought me this far when, alone, I surely would have not made it!

  • I am partial to Carol Kelly’s blogs and this one is particularly meaningful, one I must read multiple times in the next few weeks.

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