The Precious Present

Pam Malinoski // Genius of the Call


July 30  

When I was in high school, a friend gave me a book called The Precious Present, by Spencer Johnson. Although it is not a spiritual book per se, its message of living in the present moment resonated with me back then. It’s such a simple message, yet it’s one I still constantly forget.

In today’s troubling world, it’s easy to get caught up in worries about COVID-19, economic uncertainty, rioting, and politics. In our own families, we can be stuck ruminating about what we could have done better yesterday or what we must get done for tomorrow. For many mothers, keeping up with the children, the house, school, your husband, extended family, close friends, other obligations, and a few moments of prayer, more than fills the day. It is no wonder that we sometimes feel like life is spinning out of control.

My husband, a clinical psychologist, helps his patients build resilience in this time of pandemic and uncertainty by asking them if they have what they need “right now” (and usually the answer is yes). This helps them to focus on the present—not the unknown and worrisome future.  

Remember that God provided his chosen people the manna they needed for the day in the Old Testament—not for the week. Christ teaches us to pray for our daily bread in the Our Father—not that we have enough for a comfortable retirement. He knows exactly what we need, when we need it. Yes, we are to do our part, but it’s important to consider what we are supposed to be doing right now—and not be so anxious about things to come.

When my husband, friends, and I get caught up in all the bad things happening in the Church, in our cities, and in our world, I try to remind myself to “stick to the knitting.” What has God given me right this moment to do? If I change a diaper, patiently teach a math problem, or clean up a broken glass for his glory and with love in my heart, I am doing his will.

Jesus can take all those hidden actions of love that we, as mothers, do every moment of every day and transform us, our spouses, and our children into saints. And how often has a single saint transformed a broken world?

Pam Malinoski is a homeschooling, homesteading, homemaking mother of seven in Indianapolis. She loves motherhood because life and work are never boring! In her “free” time, she manages content for Souls and Hearts – MIHC Ministry Resource Page.

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  • Thank you so much for the reminder. God provides what we need for this day. What an awesome God we have. My Mom and I are trusting God and taking our thoughts and our anxieties captive and putting them into obedience to God’s truth! Thank you again!

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