The Little Things

Amanda Halisky // Tales From the Trenches


March 31  

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things:” Thus reads a piece of wall art hanging in my home. I bought it the instant I saw it. This expresses for me the habit of my life. Somehow, by the grace of God, I have held this sentiment in my heart from an early age.

I remember being a small child and stroking the little purple and white flowers that grew in the bright green spring grass. They were so tiny and delicate. The simple little colorful buds and the smell of freshness brought me so much joy. I remember being a pre-teen walking through my grandma’s farm pasture and catching a glimpse of a red-tailed hawk in full flight above me. I marveled at the wingspan and the grace with which it soared in the bright blue sky. The day was delightfully clear and windy, and I was fully aware of being alive. Knowing I was in the world that our great God created was all I needed.

I am so thankful for being able to experience the little things—the memories of flutters in my womb as I carried my children within me; the sensation of tiny fingers wrapped around mine will remain with me always; the joy of a sweet babe at my breast suckling the nourishment of life returns to me sometimes in my dreams. I wake up missing the chance to cuddle a baby but appreciate the times I did experience such loving bonds.

Just yesterday, as we were driving back from a daily errand, I listened as my children sang the praises of the bluebonnets growing on the roadside. They commented on the delightful smell and the vibrant colors. They discussed “remember whens” as I listened with attentiveness to what they find important to store in their memories. I relished their marvel, and I smiled with their simple joys. They cherish our times together and the silly things they did as siblings when I wasn’t looking. What absolute joy there is in motherhood! The simple daily sweetnesses we are blessed to experience are true gifts. They are hidden within the daily routines; we just have to look for them. I encourage all of you to look for the little things, too.

Even still I cherish the sweet hugs and the passing ‘I love you’s’ I get during a simple day with my teenagers. They come out of the blue for seemingly no reason at all. Well, maybe the reason is love—the love of little things. The little things are the big things after all.

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  • I loved this so much Amanda! All mothers need this reminder, especially now when it may be stressful for those with Little’s. I’ve always told my girls to relish the “ little things” from their little people.

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