St. Valentine Oil Infused Honey

Gabrielle Armstrong // Savor Your Saturday


February 13  

This makes a great St. Valentine’s DIY to gift to someone you love. Essential oil infused honey elevates a cup of tea. It is hard to pick my favorite, but I really enjoy using cinnamon, lemon, lavender, or orange. There is something warm and inviting about these flavors mixed with honey. Put a spoonful in your favorite warm beverage or drizzled over a yummy baked breakfast goodie. I like to think that I am giving the gift of cozy wellness from the heart!

Essential Oil Infused Honey

  • 1 oz. glass jar
  • 3-5 drops cinnamon essential oil (pure food grade)
  • honey (local and organic is my preference)

Drop the essential oils into the glass container, then fill up the rest with honey and combine well.


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