Self-Care: An Invitation to Relax

Gabrielle Armstrong // Savor Your Saturday


December 11  

I want to draw attention to a true self-care staple of mine: a bath. Taking time to slow down and relax at the end of the day is so necessary for me. Soaking in a hot bath is good, but to make it truly healing, I always add magnesium salt flakes to mine. There are so many benefits to this amazing mineral. In fact, many of us are lacking it in our daily lifestyle.

Magnesium baths aid our sleep, circulation, and detoxification. It can relieve headaches, muscle and joint pain, and improve skin hydration, to name a few benefits. It’s such a wonderful natural mineral given to us by God to do good for our bodies. I try to enjoy this ritual from one to three times a week if possible. Aside from the physical benefits, it provides a time for me to sit in silence, or if I have a tiny bit of mental capacity left by then, read or listen to a podcast, which is also very necessary for my spiritual and emotional health.

Depending on the kind you get, you can start with using just a cup and work your way up to what feels best for you. I always recommend ensuring that you use the purest form you can find, so you are not absorbing any unwanted fragrances or chemicals into your body along with the magnesium. I like Ancient Minerals the best, and it is widely available.

I encourage you to take some time this season to slow down and recharge your temple, honor your body, and continue to give to all we love in all the ways we mothers do. Enjoy! 

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