Saint Elizabeth, Our Patron Saint

Jolly Hormillosa // Genius of the Call


November 6  

We seek to rejoice – as Elizabeth did in the visitation of Mary – over each mother who seeks to receive life as a sign of blessedness and in turn surrenders her will and ego to align with that of an infinite God and a holy Church. God used Mary in her holy perfection (Immaculate Conception). The all-powerful God is looking for each of us as mothers to say “yes” to His purposes. He is infinite in his provident, creative power to use each of us even out of our fallen imperfection.

We believe mothers are called into a profound story of adventure replete with a mystical role that mirrors the very same nature with which Christ unified himself out of sacrificial love to the Church. By an active receptivity and the gift of their loving will, mothers operate out of their core identity and are thus crowned with blessed dignity. By nature, both physically and spiritually, mothers are called to self-donate in heart, body and soul for the sake of bringing life to others.

As Elizabeth witnessed the Christ child in Mary, so we must witness the work of Christ in each other’s lives.

Saint Elizabeth, Pray for us!

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