Sacrificial Abundance: Part Two

Meagan Barras // Genius of the Call


July 18  

We heard from Meagan Barras last week in part one of her Mighty Is Her Call interview post. She is experiencing more abundance daily as her August due date approaches. Today she shares what God has shown her as she embraces her expectant fiat and prepares for the next season to soon unfold. Soak up the beautiful reminders of truth she gives witness to.

Question 1: What new insight do you now have on Mary’s fiat and our Mighty Is Her Call Patron Saint, Saint Elizabeth?

Meagan: The relationship between Mary and Elizabeth makes clear sense because finding out you’re pregnant is both surprising and scary. Mary runs to someone she knows―someone in whom she can find comfort, and who recognizes the beauty and rejoices with her. I had a confessor who recommended taking my trials in that first trimester to Mary and meditating on the passage about the exchange between Elizabeth and Mary. Elizabeth had already been through her own, crazy, hard story of God’s grace in her own life. Elizabeth was ready to behold Mary, to see Jesus, and to receive the Holy Spirit. Having truly faithful, Catholic friends to go to and rejoice with is powerful stuff.

Question 2: What crosses do you anticipate you may have to bear?

Meagan: Really letting go of pleasing people. Truly having to be unaffected by other people’s opinions, ideas, and judgements. To be truly rooted in God’s plan―to trust.

Question 3: How do you foresee that the daily Eucharistic and resurrecting call to motherhood will affect your heart to follow God, your call to marriage, and your current work as a minister in parish life? 

Meagan: I think I have been headstrong and independent as a way of being (historically). Looking at this new reality, I realize I cannot do this on my own―I need God; I need my husband; I need my community, daily growing further into the abandonment of Divine Providence. This will be, absolutely, a journey of dependence.

Question 4: What are you looking forward to?

Meagan: Seeing my baby—meeting this unrepeatable person! I am most excited about bringing my baby home and raising this child with Cody―together in the faith. I am really blessed to be surrounded with a community of amazing Catholic families and friends. I am excited to enter into this new season.

Meagan Barras works in full-time ministry serving the youth of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Dallas, Texas.

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  • Meagan,
    It’s so great to have a glimpse into your heart through this interview. You are about to embark on an amazing journey. I pray God blesses your sweet family in more ways than you can imagine.

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