​Proclaiming the Genius of Catholic Motherhood

Proclaiming the Genius of Catholic Motherhood

​Metaphysics of Motherhood

​About Metaphysics of Motherhood

Welcome to this site, which is devoted to exploring the intellectual underpinnings of motherhood. At Mighty Is Her Call, we say that motherhood is a mighty calling, but what justifies that claim? We say we want to proclaim the genius of Catholic motherhood, but what is so ingenious about it? Here were are going to investigate what makes it so important and brilliant. Our interest in a metaphysics of motherhood is spurred by the fact that motherhood may be the single most underrated human occupation. It deserves to be unhinged not only from male chauvinism but also from the second wave of feminism that promotes women at the expense of motherhood. Whenever something is improperly understood or valued, the best response is metaphysics: an investigation into what the reality really is.

Please explore this work in progress, and give your feedback, ideas, and resources that could contribute to this undertaking.  --Kathryn Rombs, Ph.D.

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​Suggested Reading

  • ​Allen, Sr. Prudence. The Concept of Women (3 Volumes). Eerdsmans, 1985.
  • Aristotle, Collected Works.
  • Augustine, Collected Works. 
  • John Paul II, Collected Works.
  • Aquinas, Summa Theologiae. 
  • John Paul II, Collected Works.
  • Maritain, Jacques. Person and the Common Good. 
  • Maritain, Raissa. We Have Been Friends Together. Longmans, Green and Co. 1942.
  • Plato, Collected Works.
  • Ratzinger, Collected Works.

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