Renewed by the Light of God


July 6  

For many, replacing the light bulbs in their master bath is nothing to write about. This is not true in my case. If you know me well, you know that I can go months with burned out light bulbs since I habitually keep them turned off in favor of natural light. Even so, a few weeks ago I decided that it was time to replace the bulbs in our master bath as it had almost fallen into complete darkness. So new bulbs were installed, and our master bath has never been brighter! Due to my lack of understanding of wattage, I purchased the brightest bulbs one could buy at Walmart. Our once-dark master bathroom is now the brightest room in our neighborhood. In fact, the room is so bright that I had to deep clean it since I immediately discovered that I am not only terrible at replacing light bulbs, but I am also really terrible at keeping the baseboards clean.

As I was scrubbing down the master bath, the words “light changes everything” continually played on repeat in my mind. Light changes everything,” I mumbled, “how true this is!”

Thinking back, I have been blessed with many of these “light moments.” Sometimes they come just after I have received the Holy Eucharist or when I see my children make a connection to Christ that I have longed for them to make. At other times, these “light moments” have appeared after periods of great darkness. Just when it seems that the dark days are outnumbering the joyful ones, the Light slowly creeps in, renewing my spirit and restoring my joy. These “light moments” are great reminders that when we keep God’s Word at the center of our homes and daily lives, he will always find a way to make sure our paths stay lit with his Word and gentle guidance; mothers and their families will never travel the path of life alone or in the darkness. His Light will always guide our way.

Sometimes we need to change those light-bulbs that have put us into darkness in order to find our way back to him. So, go ahead Mama, find the brightest ones and turn the Light on. Take it from me―light changes everything. Don’t be afraid to be the brightest house on the block. Be Christ’s light for your family and for your neighbors. Let his Light shine on.

Prayer: May the light of God surround us, may the love of God comfort us in times of darkness, and may our paths forever be lit by his Word. Amen.

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