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November 2  

“It is here, dear daughters, that you will come to see and understand the meaning and origin of the vocation of spiritual motherhood. As Mary holds her crucified Son upon her heart, so she holds at that moment all those “Christs” to come to whom she is mother now. At that moment, ‘Every sinner who would be indwelt by Christ was laid in Mary’s arms, and she received them all. Humankind was born again.’ Behold the depth of our Mother’s love, how she draws each person, each of them as if her only child, to her sinless heart. Each now is in her tender care. So it must be for you, daughters. Embrace Jesus Crucified, hold him, and keep him close to your hearts, and with Mary draw every sinner, especially those called to serve at his altar, there to be nourished and strengthened by your prayers and cleansed by your tears of love.”

—Father David Abernathy

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