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Jolly Hormillosa // Genius of the Call


October 29  

A BIG, big thank you to all who celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae with Mighty Is Her Call at the Ball in the Ball. It was a really big night! What a humbling honor to celebrate with each of you. I LOVE serving the Lord in my vocation to family life, and I am passionate about witnessing your powerful vocation as mothers. Motherhood, marriage and family have been the saving grace of my soul and I believe in the power of God’s grace through each of you.

You may not, like myself, feel so mighty at times, but our GOD is and this calling is no small thing. It shakes heaven and earth. On Saturday night, out of a universe of possibilities, we came together to celebrate God’s life in and through us. What a humble joy to be on the path of authentic love. What a shining witness  – a light on the hill indeed! Like never before, our world is crying out and dying for someone to light the path. The church has lit the path; the path to wholeness, to purpose, to meaning and ultimately to love that reaches beyond the veil. You are living along that genius path and are a witness to this world. Thank YOU.

Our next post will cover our amazing award ceremony. Each and every mother in the room was an honored guest!

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