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November 1  

Mighty Is Her Call held an award ceremony for our guests of honor: mothers! Medals and beads were passed out for a myriad of ways motherhood is sacred and life-changing. Every mother in the room was honored Saturday night and went home with a shiny badge of honor. Several mothers received multiple awards for the various ways their hearts have been stretched and they have answered the call to love.

Humanae Vitae is a beautiful, relentlessly generous path that blesses all members of families dedicated to the vocation of family life. Mothers who open themselves to life are uniquely called and walk a continual path of both surrender and joy. Sometimes it is a path of heartache and yet it is always a way to deeper faith. Each mother’s story is a distinct reflection of God’s heart of love. These are our awards. Which ones apply to you?

The Cruciform Life Award – Crucifix Medal

We recognize all mothers with this award, since you have made sacrifices for your children. As Christ gave himself as a sacrificial offering to us, so too do you mothers make yourselves a gift to your families. Your sacrifices are often hidden, unseen by the world, sometimes undervalued and underappreciated by our culture. But we know that God sees what you give. God cherishes each effort you make. Like the Eucharist, you are so often broken for others. Your life is made cruciform through motherhood.  

The Missionary Award – Saint Therese of Lisieux Medal

For those who share the faith with your children. By raising your children to know, love and serve God and by helping them receive the sacraments, you pass on the faith to your children. Through word and action, you seek to bring them into the life of the Church and the family of God. You are missionaries, catechists, and faith-formators! Thank you for building God’s kingdom at home.

The Architect Award – Pope Saint Paul VI Medal

Pope Paul VI, who was canonized just a few weeks ago, claimed that the mission of Christ’s Church on earth is to build a civilization of love. We recognize all mothers, who are key members of this building project. Perhaps you teach virtue, kindness, respect, and good behavior to your children. Perhaps you are open to life, and bear a special witness through your generosity. Maybe you are raising your children in a counter-cultural manner, being a sign of contradiction, building up Christian values in a non-Christian age. You are reflecting the message of Pope Paul VI. You are building our tomorrow. You are the architects of the civilization of love.

Saint-Maker AwardSilver Bead

For those who are blessed with children with special needs.  We all know that motherhood is a path to sanctity, but God has some mothers on a fast-track to holiness.  This calling is a vocation within a vocation.  When God gives you little ones who have special needs, He sometimes brings an extra-ordinary joy to the family, but He always gives you, as a mother, extra-ordinary opportunities to die to self and give sacrificially 1,000 times a day. Thank you for your undying love and commitment.

Outrageous Generosity Award – Silver Bead

For those who are adoptive or foster parents. You have taken hold of the ground of the very heart of God. Just as He has adopted us, and made us heirs, so that our hearts cry “Abba! Father!” (Gal. 4), you are imitators of God by embracing souls as your very own.  You have become their home in this world in order to love them into the next. Your love is the ingredient of heaven.

The Mother Teresa Award – Silver Bead

For those who care for an elderly or disabled person in their home. Mother Teresa said, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” Our homes are the first school of love, and some mothers open the doors of their home and their hearts to an elderly, sick, or disabled person.  Thank you for your witness, so often unrecognized, that is teaching your children to be a gift to others!

The Fiat Award – Silver Bead

Does anyone have heartache, because they have fewer children than they wanted?  Are you constantly reminded of the babies you didn’t get to have, hold, cherish and raise into adulthood?  Maybe you have suffered infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death or the death of an older child. Your loss is known to the Father. These mothers are close to Mary’s heart as she too gave her son up to death and surrendered to the will of the Father. You have been invited into special union with Christ and his Mother.  We celebrate your special calling of surrender—a sure path to holiness.

The Heroic Mother Award – Silver Bead

For those who are raising a family as a single parent. We can all attest to the fact that parenting is a challenge, but single mothers face that challenge alone and must lean completely on God’s grace when they are stretched beyond their human capacities. You rarely hear the affirmation you deserve. Thank you for the great sacrifices you make daily. You are pressing into the everlasting arms of God Himself to live out your calling and God sees and cherishes you.

The Cup Runneth Over Award – Silver Bead

For those who do not just have a large family, but even by Catholic standards, have a HUGE family. Do you have seven, eight, nine or more?  Choosing godly abundance goes against cultural norms. You live out kingdom openness and His blessings will not return void to you – in this life and the next! We honor you for your faith.

Choose Life Award – Silver Bead

So many of us have been surprised by a pregnancy or have chosen to say yes to life when it was inconvenient. But this award is for you moms who faced a crisis pregnancy, who faced family, friends, or experts telling you that you don’t need this right now, but you chose life. To God be the glory!  You are the true heroes of tonight.  Thank you for your YES to life.

Thanks to all you mothers! Your Christ-like path, often hidden and unrecognized, is why we are here: to witness your calling. Mighty Is Her Call encourages you to persevere in building a civilization of love. Persevere in sharing the faith! Persevere in the challenges God has given you—He is making saints of you!  You are heaven-bound, and Mighty Is Your Call!

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