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January 1  

We can receive Mary as our own mother . . . with the tender gaze that only a mother can give, she will enter fully into our wounded hearts, she who bore unbearable suffering. But she will also say to us with confidence, as only a spiritual mother can: “Do whatever he tells you” (Jn 2:5), because underneath these holy words, what she really means is this:

“Be faithful to what he has given you. Do not say, ‘this I will accept from you, but that I will not accept.’ Accept all things from the Father because both joy and trial flow from the Divine Wisdom. Love your husband. Love your children. Your vocation is yours alone. Do not imagine that another one could be better for you or that you could be holier elsewhere. Everything you have is the Father’s gift to you. To receive with a grateful heart is your gift to the Father, and he alone can multiply your gift in grace. When your heart breaks from the weight of your sorrow, when you are tempted to self-pity and discouragement, remember: I am your mother. I know the thoughts and feelings of your heart. Confide in me when you are in need of a mother’s tenderness. In my eyes, you never cease to be my child. You need a spiritual mother who can give you more than what you give to your families. How can you continue to give when you are not first receiving? Let me fill you with my tenderness, joy, and peace.”

—Irene Alexander

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