Our New Normal

Bethany Broussard // Quarantine Comfort


March 31  

My kids all thrive on a schedule but the beauty of this time is that we get to make our own schedule. We get up between 7:30 and 8:00 most mornings. My son enjoys praying morning prayer with school via zoom but my teenage daughters and I have started a bible study together. Defining Moments by Walking with Purpose is offering a week by week study guide on the readings for mass. It has been an incredible gift to sit with my girls, enjoy coffee and start our day with the Word of the Lord. We use different bibles to get different views and see how the wording makes a difference. The kids then start Their school work online and dad and I hop on our bikes and race around town. We are gardening and cleaning too during the afternoons. Dinner is together and we have learned much about each other while playing games of asking questions like what is my favorite restaurant, musician, pet etc. we have laughed heartily at our answers and it helps us to remember so many good times we have shared. The kids are working together to clean up after dinner which has never happened before ! I see a comraderie in our new normal that is beautiful and gives me great hope. We usually end our day with the chaplet for the souls struggling with this disease as the holy father has asked. We speak more of plenary indulgences and general confessions. It reminds me of our homeschooling days When we really need a break we each usually hop on our bikes for some fresh air and a new perspective. God always meets us there.

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