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December 16  

Mighty Is Her Call is grateful beyond words for the abundant blessings of 2019:  “For He who is mighty has done great things, and Holy is His name” (Lk. 1:49). We thank God for the 334 moms who attended our Catholic Mothers Retreats in 2019, the thousands of viewers who are receiving encouraging posts from our daily blog and the many mothers who have connected on a monthly basis at our chapter gatherings. Most importantly, however, we give thanks for the community of mothers who have taken ownership of this ministry, have joined our tribe, and are essential to the work of Mighty Is Her Call.

It is an honor and a privilege to introduce these beautiful moms, hailing from 

Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Indiana, New York, and Arizona!

Our first special thanks goes to our MIHC Moms. These marvelous women are elevating the counter-cultural call of motherhood simply by stepping forward as mothers committed to their vocation and are raising awareness of its inherent value. We are truly grateful for the donations and for each MIHC Mom sharing a taste of their own unique motherhood with all of us. Click on a picture to get to know an exemplary MIHC Mom.

Becky Fico

Becky Fico

Candace Haydell

Candace Haydell

Candace Haydell

Tia Castille

Tia Carlos Castille

Mary Hindelang

Anna Dunikoski

Anna Dunikoski

Christina Mehaffey

Christina Mehaffey

Aimee Dronet

Aimee Dronet 

Annie Muller

Annie Muller

Mary Shaad

Mary Schaad

Ruth Sanford

Ruth Sanford

Our second huge thank-you goes to the donors without whom none of our work would be possible. MIHC is answering the clarion call to reform the Church by empowering mothers as the heartbeat of each domestic church to be the saints we are meant to be. Our Pillars of Support believe in the powerful change that can be brought about by mothers who know their mighty mission! We invite you to read the stories of our wonderful supporters here. 

         Mary's Moms -           

Gift of $5000 +

Helen LaKelley Hunt

Kathryn Rombs

Elizabeth's Moms - 

Gift of $1000-$2499 

Genie Summers

Gianna's Moms - 

Gift of $500-999 

Susanna VanVickle

Monique Cenac

Our Beloved Josephs

Gift of any amount

James DeMasi

Last, but not least, we want to thank our pioneer in the category of sponsorship.  MIHC invites any Catholic mother who has a business to partner with MIHC as a Zelie’s Mom.  In doing so, the business can be shared with our viewers, and we are blessed to have the sponsorship of a Catholic business owner.  Please, check out the beautiful work of this Catholic mom who is helping to bring healing to mothers.

Zelie's Moms - 

Gift of $100-$499

Chelsea Harkins

If you have been blessed by Mighty Is Her Call, we invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us. We depend on your generosity and God’s grace daily to continue this work.

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