Online Learning For ALL!

Mary Hindelang // Quarantine Comfort


April 3  

Our NON-TECHNOLOGY school all of a sudden became a PURE technology school, and I find myself jumping from kid to kid figuring out who is has a zoom meeting when.  Each child, who previously rarely used a computer, is now on track to be an expert by the end of the quarantine.  Our life of "homeschooling" has been a challenge and yet we are slowly learning how to make it work.  I know my tired, pajama clad, self has showed up on many a zoom meeting for the kids trying to join in their class meetings.  Humility comes in many forms!!  So my four school aged children - 16, 13, 12, and 10 - are now full time in home students.  We thought it would be cute to post the above picture of our youngest on our school GroupMe app to prove that ALL the Hindelangs are doing their online learning!!

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  • That’s the cutest homeschooler ever. Blessings on you Mary and all the others who are meeting the challenge of this quarantine with the faith in God and love of family. Wonderful post.

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