Nourishment for My Soul

Jolly Hormillosa // Genius of the Call


June 4  


Brunch with the girls! My dear friend’s birthday. Spending even a small amount of mid-morn time with faithful friends is one of the ways I have found to practice spiritually rich self-care and to nourish my soul.

Dappled, golden summer sun and orange mimosa splashing. Maybe the fact that I had to fight the forces of gravity to find clean clothes, shower, and arrive with gift-in-hand added a dose of adrenaline. Nonetheless, adrenaline and all, I was smitten by all of us polished up and gleeful over this pause-moment to be girls together. We are blessed-straight-lucky, and the beauty of us is not a hot-aired compliment to my girlfriends. We mothers are first beloved daughters that are a glory-glow to our Abba, Father.

These mamas I call friends breathe deep and labor through real sacrifice, real grit, real pain, real lack, and hard-pressed service. How glorious is it that there is true sustenance, true purpose, and resplendent beauty coming through each of their lives? I am witness and take watch as the Father upholds and brings beauty into their midst. Straight through the laboring pains of life, light prevails.

What an honor to stand at the table of the Lord with these beloved mamas, in season and out. I can speak for myself—this here Jolly mama heart that has been pulled time and again from the gutter of pain and rescued from scarce rations of hope. Yet I stand before him in the Mass as a beloved daughter and am called into his purposes as a mother. I hold life in my core—his life breaking forth.

The joys coming straight through the eye of real laboring life pains is mysterious truth. Each mama sitting over brunch is a witness to me of this truth in repeated, rhythmic refrain. It is a witness of pure treasure that I hold when I am tempted to go wildly blind. His presence is real . . . our crosses, our lives are not in vain. Yep, I am wonder-struck, and I find that I now have new strength to continue afresh.

Beloved, we are God’s children now . . . we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is (1 John 3:2).


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    • Thank you! It’s simply a reflection of how I have learned to make time for self-care (fellowship with other mothers) … God has allowed me to realize I must not get burned out, but find moments to step away and then come back renewed!

  • Beautiful Jolly. I know that spending quality time with other mammas is food for my soul, and your words remind us of how necessary it is!

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