Mothers, Today is Your Day

Dr. Kathryn Rombs  // Genius of the Call


October 7  

With a pit in my stomach, I slunk into the back pew. I lifted my eyes just enough to catch sight of the tabernacle, my first touchstone of solace. I slid my tried-and-true, ivory-and-silver rosary out of my purse, made the Sign of the Cross, and began my prayer. 

I had so many burdens to bring to God. My first-grade son had been ignored by his soccer teammates. My fifth-grade daughter had been left out of a class group-chat. My middle school daughter had been verbally harassed by filthy-mouthed boys. My high schoolers were doing better now, after a year of managing social pressures that I could never have imagined when I was in high-school (which is saying a lot, given the secular culture of teens in New York City in the ‘80’s). Beyond my immediate family, other weights pressed hard: fear of the collapse of my relationship with a love in my life who has recently announced being transgender; anxiety that my professional life will come to nothing after so much hard work and compromises my family has made for that end; being just plain tired, having a sore back, pressure in my head, neck, and shoulders; not being sure whether I’d feel better attacking my to-do list or crawling into bed, if that were even a real possibility.   

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.” I slowly made my way around the rosary, calling to mind each mystery. With each new bead, I felt a little lighter. The Holy Spirit descended upon me and angels ministered to my heart, aching with motherly concerns. Mary astonished me—seeming strangely just like me. She had a similar wonder and amazement at her calling—so humble and yet so grand. She had a similar smallness, insignificance, and blindness as she walked in faith. She had similar anxieties and similar grief. As I prayed, I meditated on her joy, and suddenly a little hint of joy appeared in my heart. As I pondered her queenship, I felt palpable relief. She is in charge, and everything is going to be alright.                                                            

We at Mighty Is Her Call are with you. We know what you are going through. We feel your pains, your sorrows, your hopes, your joys. We know that motherhood is worth every minute you put into it. And yet it is so hard to put your finger on what is so magnificent about it, why it is such a fulfilling vocation. Is it just what people doto have children? Or is there something sacred, Christ-like, eternally meaningful about motherhood? How could a calling so fraught with challengesconstantly leading you away from doing what you would think would be enjoyable or fulfillingbe so compelling, reaching the core of your heart and engaging the very essence of who you are? 

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. It is the day that we celebrate Mary’s uniquely feminine, maternal power and influence in our lives, Church, and world. Mary has forever transformed our vocation and elevated motherhood.

Our team has recently produced a Mother’s Guide to the Rosary, with exactly this elevation in mind. Our humble prayer is that with this guide, your burdens will be lifted, your faith renewed, and your intimacy with Mary and her Son greatly enhanced. Using this guide, you will feel the community of other mothers, just like you, carrying the same worries, and calling to mind the same hope that will lift you up and place you on high, sacred ground. 

Please enjoy our 50% discount—this is a special feast day offer for today! And remember that with your purchase, you are supporting our vision and helping us continue to minister. We are the only ministry recognized by the Catholic Church whose sole aim is to elevate open-to-life Catholic mothers. Rather than running fundraising campaigns and frequently asking for donations (although we love those too!), we simply ask that you open your heart in prayer with our Rosary Guide and unite with us in this mission. Please consider other items in our Shop, and prayerfully plan to attend our upcoming events. May we be a community of “mothers helping mothers helping mothers” that supports you. May you feel our support. Today, the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, is your day. 

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