Honor a mother
in your life!

Mighty Is Her Call wants to help you honor a mother in your life for Mother's Day! Let us know the mother or mothers you are grateful for who have impacted your life with their love and sacrifice. We will honor them with you by bringing their names to the Shrine of St. Monica in Rome.

Tribute To Mothers for Mother's Day

We know there are never enough ways to truly show the mothers in our lives how grateful we are for them, so we want to help you do it! Show them you see every sacrifice, every Christ-like action and that you are incredibly grateful for all the ways they love you.

  • Your tribute can be shared privately, or it can be posted on our website so that you can publicly honor the mom or moms in your life.
  • After you submit your tribute, you will be redirected to the confirmation page with a unique Mighty Is Her Call designed digital card that you can share with the mom you want to honor. Use the digital card to text or post your tribute on social media OR use the printable version and hand it to her in person.
  • Our founder, Dr. Kathryn Rombs, will place the name of every woman honored at the Shrine of St. Monica in Rome, commending your gratitude and your intentions to St. Monica's special care.
St. Monica, Patron Saint of Mothers

The Basilica of St. Augustine is located in Rome, Italy. Saint Monica’s relics, the mother of St Augustine, rest within the Blessed Sacrament Chapel just to the left of the main sanctuary.

Saint Monica is the patron saint of homemakers, married women, mothers, and widows.

Our founder, Dr. Kathryn Rombs, made a special pilgrimage to the Tomb of St. Monica for Mighty Is Her Call.  Please enjoy the video below.

Why Saint Monica?

There is a beautiful painting depicting St. Monica and her son, St. Augustine. They are holding hands and have their gaze fixed on heaven.

Isn’t it every mother’s dream to have a child who not only loves her, but also holds on to the faith she gave him? This beautiful relationship between St. Monica and her son came late in her life.

Before that, St. Augustine was a wayward young man who turned away from the Church, slept with concubines, fathered a child out of wedlock and chased after worldly glory.

St. Monica pursued him relentlessly with her prayers and tears, receiving assurance from her bishop that “it is impossible that the son of such tears should perish.” Eventually, her son returned to the Catholic faith and ultimately became one of the greatest saints and most brilliant theologians the world has known.

Mighty Is Her Call wants to help you honor a mother in your life!


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