Mother's Day Tributes

Mighty Is Her Call wants to honor the mothers in your life!

We celebrate them with you because we know motherhood is powerfully united to Christ, and that a mother's love is transformative. Our petitions are more powerful when we lift our voices together. Please take a few minutes to pray in thanksgiving for these mothers.

I would like to honor my mother, Helen LaKelly Hunt, and my grandmother, Ruth Hunt!

Kathryn Rombs

I want to honor M.E. Wickline and Fay Hull whose love and support made me who I am today.

Sarah Hull

Today I celebrate Gabrielle (Pesek) Rombs--the newest mom in our bunch! May the Lord bless your vocation as a mother and raise you, your husband and children up to be great SAINTS in the Kingdom!

Mom :)

I honor my gentle, selfless mother, Eva Putnam, who taught me and my six siblings a deep love for praying the rosary.

Maryann Eagle

Bethany W. - for her openness and sacrifice to her child and to mine!
Susan T. - for adopting daughters-in-law as her own
Tina W. - for being my mom and giving me the opportunities to be who I am today.
Courtney W. - for being the most chill and loving momma I have ever met!!

Morgan Trojacek

I want to honor Jean Fallace and
Josephine Klucinec.

Joan Klucinec

Nancy Jones goes above and beyond as a mother and grandmother. She is truly amazing!

Nicole Volz

My mother Nancy Joseph. She has lovingly taught me my faith and encouraged me all my life. May God Bless you in a special way through the intercession of Saint Monica. Happy Mother’s Day. Love your daughter.

Leah Reardon

Candy Cronin has been an amazing mother and inspiration throughout my childhood and adulthood.

Carol Kelly

I want to honor my Mother, Lisa Sipe, Mom to 12 and “Nonna” to 29.
She is so beautiful inside and out… such a selfless, loving and generous soul! Please pray for her to be healed of her cancer.
She’s got Italian blood and will NOT give up in the fight. ;)
I love you, Mom!

Anna Burud

I want to honor Joann Cantrell, Margaret Bugrin, and Mary Cantrell.

Colleen Gorden

I want to honor Caroline Brand, Clara Elenz, and Joanne Sheridan.

Carolyn Monroe

The older I get the more I learn to honor my mother. I have so many memories of my mother being fun, stern, adventurous, encouraging, and faithful. She has taught me so many important lessons about letting go of things we don't have control of and she was the pillar of my faith formation. She was a mom who played and got messy. She helped with anything we asked for even if she didn't exactly how to help. As I grew up and through so many years of my own bad decisions and rebellion, I never doubted that my mother loved me. When I came out the other side, there she was with open arms. When I got married she became a mother to my husband in a way that he had never experienced. Their relationship is such a special joy to our family. As I journey through my own motherhood I see echoes of my own memories of childhood when she plays with her grandchildren. How often have I tackled parenting challenges with confidence because she showed me how. But when I can't do it alone, she's still there holding my hand and drying my tears. My mom is always surprised when people express how loved she is because in all she does, she never thinks of herself as anything special. But Mom, God made you in such a special way and the light you shine leaves everyone it touches brighter.

Erin Smith

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