Motherhood: A Call to Witness to the Light


December 17  

The daily routines of moms are riddled with household chores, carpools, never-ending questions about what there is to eat, and the sometimes squealing of quarreling siblings as they try to figure life out. Days like these, where it seems we are living within a constant cycle of ‘rinse and repeat’, make it difficult to see our role as mothers as nothing more than tending to the immediate crisis that seems to be placed constantly before us. Yes, it is easy to get lost in these moments and forget the sacred call that they offer us to guide our children to God – to his Light – but in the midst of even the most chaotic days of home management and child-rearing, that is exactly what our work as mothers is called to do. 

 Just as we are preparing ourselves this Advent season to welcome the return of the Light of the World into our lives, the Gospel of John’s account of John the Baptist humbly acknowledging that he is a witness of the Light that is to come, is a powerful reminder of our motherly role in embracing God’s plan for our lives, especially among what at times appears to be the never-ending mountains that we climb in our vocation as moms. And although our guidance through life’s events is an important presence in our children’s lives, John reminds us that we are called to an even humbler act―to prepare the way for Christ to enter the lives of our children through the work that we do.

 As mothers, it is easy to find ourselves navigating uncertain seas and tides of everyday to-do lists and lingering anxieties, to find ourselves lost in the everyday work at hand. It is on these days that we must remain faithful to John the Baptist’s instructions to Make straight the way of the Lord, asking ourselves how our day-to-day work as mothers can provide a sacred space for our children’s faith to flourish and be nurtured. Am I doing what needs to be done to help my children make way for Christ? 

 Just as John prepared his heart and home for Christ, may we, too, find the simple ways to do the same. May our work as mothers become the voice that cries out for love, compassion, and righteousness in the business and noise of our daily lives. And may we remember that tending to our children during both the most difficult of days and the days of the ordinary, it is during these times that we are offered an opportunity to prepare the way of the true Light, so that Christ may reach the hearts and minds of the children who have been entrusted to us. This is the ultimate call of motherhood.


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