Morning Walks and Loose Routine

Kim Anson // Quarantine Comfort


March 31  

Kim Anson

My husband is mostly working from home now, so I am able to get up before our children and take some time to pray and take a walk (without having to do it at the crack of dawn like I would if he were working). This has been my sanity. Additionally, we have a rough routine (prayer, breakfast, reading, outside time, math, lunch, etc.) rather than a super strict minute-by-minute schedule. We are NOT trying to re-create traditional school at home. If that type of thing helps YOU stay sane, then go for it! But moms should not think they are failing if they don’t have a strict schedule with 7 hours of schooling a day!  Lastly we are taking advantage of the amazing weather we have here! If we are quarantined through the summer months I’ll do more school then. Right now we are doing a few minutes of the basics and outside outside outside!

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