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February 29  

A missionary living in China called with a plea: could someone house an infant with severe cleft-palate issues for two weeks? The precious little one was being flown to Dallas to receive the intense medical intervention that he needed from a generous surgeon, and the host family had to drop out at the last minute. The message was blasted to eighty Catholic moms, and Katie was the first to respond. With very short notice, Katie prepped her home and family for their little guest. She, her husband, and their five kids welcomed him with remarkable tenderness and compassion. The surgeon found his case to be extraordinarily complicated, and his two-week stay turned into a month, then four, then six. In the meantime, Katie learned that the boy with whom her family had fallen in love was an orphan. After a prolonged saga of dealing with Chinese red-tape, making trips, storming heaven, and fighting for their boy, Katie and her husband were finally able to call Peter their own. Now, this spunky almost-four-year-old is a daily delight to his mother and brings laughter and joy to those around him. Katie’s mighty love for all of her six children is heroic, and we are honored to introduce her as one of our many beautiful MIHC Moms.

Katie says, “I am very passionate about this ministry’s message—a call to mothers to live their vocation the way in which we are meant to live it. I don’t know of another organization that is trying to support the genuine call to motherhood, especially in a time when motherhood, femininity, and the family is under such an attack.” 

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