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May 1  

If you dropped into Celeste Howard’s kitchen unannounced, it’s likely you would find a kid strumming a guitar or laughing while she is whipping up something delectable, and several others getting their homeschool tasks done; all simply enjoying time together. She is a mother of seven children who makes it look easy. However, she did not grow up with an example or understanding of vocational motherhood. As a sociable introvert who shies away from babies and requires alone time to refresh, she constantly leans directly on God as Father for his tools to raise and nurture a house full of individual souls. She is intentional in her faith and, over the years, has coordinated and led many Catholic boys’ and girls’ groups, mom fellowship groups, and young mom formation groups, making a remarkable difference in bringing those around her closer to the heart of God.

We asked her to share her every-day advice to our readers as Catholic mothers in the trenches.

Do it your way.

“Your family, your children, your temperament . . . these are God-given, God-ordained things. No two families look alike. While all families, all children, all people share the same basic core human needs, we learned in our early catechism “to (first) know . . . (then we can’t help but) to love . . . (and in return) to serve God in this life that we may be happy with him in the next.” The scenery and pace of the road to our Lord is different for each of us.”

“Find a way to be the best “WHOLE-Y” you!  With your strengths and weaknesses, honestly tend to the family God gave intentionally to you, for your service and sanctification . . . and have fun!”

“Find a reason to watch, adore and affirm each child daily . . . if that’s a struggle, change the rules! Mothers are the hands, feet, and voice of our Heavenly Father to their children, especially in the early years . . . may we show them how amazing and loved they truly are!

*Mighty Is Her Call is honored to have Celeste Howard serve us on our Board of Advisors

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  • Celeste, I love this advice. Especially affirming each child daily. I definitely struggle to make that a habit. Thanks for all of these wonderful reminders!

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