Maintaining a Sense of Balance & Normalcy while still Allowing for Growth!

Brigette Firmin // Quarantine Comfort


March 31  

Brigette Firmin
(1) Building up our domestic church:
(a) We stay on a "normal" schedule with Sunday Mass. Since we cannot attend our normal 8:15am Mass, we tune into Bishop Robert Baron's online Sunday Mass on Sunday mornings (all of our locally broadcasted Masses are late in the morning for us early birds). It allows us to at least keep our Sundays somewhat "normal".
(b) We also attempt to participate in our school's prayer activities through a prayer group facebook page (but the technological issues we've encountered have made that effort challenging). If we can't make that work, then we just do the prayer time as a family on our own.
(c) We also try to participate in at least one (sometimes more) daily Mass broadcasts with Bishop Robert Baron during the school/work week.

(2) Keeping sanity intact (Quarantine Comfort):
I still get up before dawn and walk the dog while I pray my rosary (which I did even before I went on full-time telework from my job). This personal prayer time for me is essential to keeping my balance, so I can be who I need to be for everyone else in my household. By maintaining that little piece of my "old normal" schedule, it keeps my personal stress or worries in check so that I can help everyone else in the house to do the same.

(3) Positive influence & growth in a practical way (Quarantine Comfort):
My husband and I talked about getting 3 or 4 chickens over the last few years. We decided that since everyone was stuck at home, now would be a good time to take on such a project. The kids are learning how to help take care of the chickens and are actually enjoying the distraction from distance learning. The little project has made more of a positive impact on all of us than I could've imagined. It brings us all together with a common goal of caring for something, and everyone is excited to receive back from the project in the future (yummy fresh eggs!). This project has even excited our neighbors, too, and they started a garden project. We've already agreed to share our respective produce in the future. So not only did our DIY project bring our family together, but brought us closer to our neighbors as well.

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