Luminous Lemon Hydration (A DIY Recipe)

Laura Sowels // Savor Your Saturday


June 5  

Our body, mind, and soul are divinely and intrinsically intertwined, so it would make sense that what we eat and think have a direct impact on how we feel. As a mother of four busy girls, ages six to fourteen, as well as a Certified Natural Health Professional, I am passionate about caring for the whole person. Prayer has always been central to my day, to my life, and to my home, but eating right and taking time for appropriate rest has not. After my mother’s diagnosis of Early Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of fifty-seven, I found myself searching for possible causes and ways in which I could better care for my own health and that of my family. Just as morning prayer sets our day’s rhythm, so too does what we put into our bodies. A simple habit I have found extremely beneficial is drinking a cup of warm lemon water before my morning coffee. There are a plethora of benefits to drinking lemon water, and the effects are truly remarkable. Below is a list of some of the ways in which this simple drink can help you live a healthier life and bring rest to your body, mind, and soul.  

Lemon . . .

  1.       has a natural cleansing ability to rejuvenate the liver and purge out toxins within the body 
  2.       keeps our skin glowing
  3.       promotes healthy weight loss
  4.       boosts energy and mood
  5.       enhances immunity
  6.       prevents kidney stones

and has so many more benefits . . .

When purchasing lemons, find ones that are fully yellow, and if you are able, organic. From what I have learned, the thinner the skin, the juicier the lemon will be.


How to make lemon water:

  • Warm water in a tea kettle or in the microwave.
  • Squeeze as much or as little lemon juice as you would like into a mug. (It is suggested that you use ½ lemon per cup).
  • Sip, savor, and spend some quiet time with Our Lord.


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