Lavender Infused Water

Laura Sowells // Savor Your Saturday


July 18  

I love the summer and all that it brings. Some of the parts of summer that I love most: the light-hearted laughter of children playing; the glistening sunshine illuminating the earth; the stillness of the morning before my girls rise; and the gift of each new day. If those experiences had a taste, I believe it would be my lavender infused water that I make to quench my thirst and bring joy to my soul. This lavender water not only tastes good, but it looks beautiful. When we have a gathering at our home, I always pull out my glass water dispenser and fill it with lavender fresh from my garden, strawberries, and lemon. Oh, it brings me so much joy! It truly refreshes my soul.


  • fresh filtered water
  • sprig (or as many as you like) of lavender
  • fresh organic strawberries
  • lemon, sliced

Place all ingredients together and allow the flavors to meld for approximately 10 minutes, then enjoy.

There are so many variations of infused water and I encourage you to be creative. Some other flavor options are rosemary, mint, basil, orange, watermelon, lime, blackberry, etc. Too many to list . . .



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