It Was the Worst and the Best of Times: Sharing Sanity and Sanctity

Kelley Cramer // Savor Your Saturday


April 4  

My daughters just finished one of my favorite classics in their literature class, A Tale of Two Cities. The first line of the story begins, It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” If I were to write a story right now, it would be the reverse of that. It was the worst of times, it was the best of times!

It was the worst of times . . . 

Our world is in a state of high alert as we watch the coronavirus story unfold. Every day brings more warnings, statistics, and tragedies.

My husband, Chris, is an orthodontist. Out of protection for our patients, staff, and community, he closed his offices to help mitigate the spread of the virus.

Once that decision was made, like a gunshot signaling the start of a race, he began contacting colleagues, staff, patients, etc. As I watched the scene unfold, I received my marching orders from the Holy Spirit. I grabbed my grandmother’s rosary, and I began to pray for guidance, discernment, protection, and peace.

For three days straight, our house was flooded with calls. As note-taker and scribe, I sat in endless conference calls and webinars with our TV muted, but always tuned to the news for the latest developments from our president. We were living and breathing the pandemic and its effects on our family and our practice. Things were stressful, but we felt a peace that our great God was in control.

Then came an interruption to our peace. Our daughter, Courtney, informed us that she didn’t feel good and her head hurt. I couldn’t help but mentally run through the list of coronavirus symptoms that I had memorized after typing them so many times in emails to patients. My next thought was, Oh my goodness, headache is on the list! As I scoured the house looking for a thermometer, my “Momma Bear” adrenaline kicked in as I considered the possibility that she could be infected. I immediately whispered a prayer for our family’s protection and gave it to Jesus. Thankfully, she had no fever, so my concerns were lessened, and I went back to work. As I sat in front of the computer, I kid you not, I. Could. Not. Breathe! I told myself, Calm down. You’re okay. You’re just still reeling from your scare with Courtney. The more I tried to comfort myself, the harder it was to breathe. All I could think was, shortness of breath is another symptom, and now I’ve got the coronavirus, too! It would just be a matter of time before both of our fevers set in! Before I knew it, I was in Full Throttle Hysteria!!!

Chris was half listening to me when I voiced my concerns. He assured me that we were both just exhausted, and that all of the conference calls and the 24-hour news were creating anxiety. How could he dismiss my fears when I have THE VIRUS!!! Clearly, I was not thinking rationally and most definitely needed to be slapped! But instead, with a snuggle and a kiss, my sweet hubby talked me “off the ledge,” and I was cured, thanks be to God!

The Seinfeld episode when Elaine Benes thought she had rabies will give you a visual of my ‘come-apart.’ Check out the episode clip on the Mighty Is Her Call Quarantine Comfort page for a touch of humor! Click here for Quarantine Comfort & Humor!

It was the best of times . . .

The next day, Jesus brought joy in the morning. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and told me to have peace and to use this time to soak up my precious family. He temporarily shut the world out, so I could have them all to myself.

We need to talk to our little lambs while we have their ears. We need to play outside in the backyard, enjoy the sunshine, make cupcakes, have dance parties, and, of course, make time for Latin, chemistry, algebra II, etc., while Jesus sorts out this pandemic. Think about all the times we as mommies have cried and begged, “Jesus, make the world stop just for a little while,” so we can focus on our family and the things that are most important. He heard our cries and let it stop just for us. He is so good. Leave it to him to turn our worries and fear into joy. Lord, thank you for this special time.

My heart absolutely aches for the tens of thousands of coronavirus sufferers, and especially those who have not survived and their families. Yes, in some very serious ways, this is the worst of times, but in our little house, it is also the best of times.

I pray for peace and wisdom for all our families, our country’s leaders, and our world.

Jesus, I trust In you!

Share your own inspirations for “Sanity and Sanctity,” like the Seinfeld clip, that have brought you comic relief during the quarantine! Click here for Quarantine Comfort & Humor!


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  • Kelley,
    I agree that we often want Jesus to just hit PAUSE on the world for a bit, and we don’t want time to fly… now we have been given our wish. Let’s make the most of it! Thanks for your honest story of your own panic too and how you found consolation and peace.

    • That was so enjoyable, Kelly to hear an update of the true reality of how our lives are today.

      We know that it’s especially difficult for small businesses and pray that things improve quickly and that Chris,offices can open again in the near future.
      Totally relate to your story.
      With so much other bad news going on out there . It’s been a sweet blessing to be home together as a family . Thank God for wonderful family life.
      We miss you!
      Love you.
      Ps….I soooo need a haircut!

  • Beautiful thoughts Kel. Your heart is filled with Jesus and you are faithfully sharing Him with the world. God bless you. i miss you

  • I love how real and honest you are! During this time of uncertainty, you have brought so much peace & laughter in my life! Even though the days are long, I feel a calmness & peace from the Holy Spirit! ❤️ Having this time with our families is a true blessing.

  • Thank you Kelley! I loved this! We as mothers can all relate to worry and fear and protecting our cubs! It reminds me of the movie Life Is Beautiful when the heroic father worked effortlessly to keep his son happy during their time in the concentration camp and how we as Mothers have to work to not let our children see our worries.

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