Is Wide-Eyed Joy Possible in the Deep End?

Jolly Hormillosa // Tales From the Trenches


May 30  

Wide-eyed and happy, he says, “It was the best day ever. Dad saved my life five times today!” I wasn’t expecting these exact words as an explanation for his glee-smacked kid smile. “Really?” I ask. “Yep, most of the time I can swim, but other times I just got tired and was sinking. That’s when Dad scooped me up (huge smile).” What struck me was how he seemed to be so sure that this was the way the first day at the pool should have gone. The Holy Spirit is faithful to nudge me when I should be taking notes. I am slowly learning that seeing through the kingdom-eyes of my children has brought me more wisdom than I signed up for on any given summer day.

What if Abba, Father, knows exactly what skill level you and I have at this exact moment? And, in his infinite mercy, he knows exactly when to “scoop us up?” Why do I flail and fight the joy of the waters of the place where I am?        

If he is there to scoop me right up, ever watchful, then I can give all I’ve got—give my best strokes and relish the biggest waves. He is worthy of my trust. Because of him, I can have the best day ever. This is not contingent on my abilities or on how deep the waters are. Like my son, I can swim fearlessly, even to the point of my own fatigue. My heavenly Father is my strength, and this allows me to push the thresholds of my limited skill without fear. He is there smiling over me, scooping me up, even congratulating me. He is a good father, longing to see me give heartfelt passion to live my life fully.

See y’all in the deep end!

The Lord is my strength . . . I trust him with all my heart. He saves me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving (Psalm 28:7).

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  • This post is a good reminder not to be too overwhelmed at my own insufficiency and to trust that God has my weaknesses covered. Thanks, Jolly!

    • I have sudden onsets of spiritual amnesia in the area of trust. God is so faithful to use the eyes of wonder (my children) to remind me of the truths I must return to again and again! How good is our good God in spite of our weakness!

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