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March 28  

Our Lady, wreathed in flowers, is boldly displayed on Mirna’s front porch as a beacon of light in dark times and a sign of her protective mantle over families. Mirna Hernandez lost her husband a little over two years ago. After raising her first three sons to adulthood, she now finds herself again on the sacred and sacrificial journey of mothering a toddler—this time as a widow. One of her dearest friends introduced her to Mighty Is Her Call through a social event celebrated by the DFW chapter. The embrace of community and the warm welcome she experienced led her to subscribe to the daily posts and become an active part of the local MIHC chapter.

This week, while Mirna faced the challenges of being sheltered in place with her little one, a friend texted her the idea of placing a Mary statue, encircled with lights or flowers, prominently on the front porch. This dear friend, who had literally held Mirna up in the worst moment of her life, was again offering hope in a desolate time. “We should start a movement,” she invited. So Mirna and her four-year-old found joy together placing their favorite Mary statue, made of volcanic rock from the Philippines, in front of their house and laying beautiful flowers around her. This simple gesture reminds any passersby of Our Lady’s mighty intercession, and mothers everywhere are invited to join in, honoring Mary as a sign of love, hope, and devotion.

Today, MIHC is inviting mothers to share ways to share love in this lockdown! If you have an experience or idea like Mirna’s, that has brought some joy, peace, laughter, or sanity to your home during the quarantine, we would love to hear about it!  We invite you to upload pictures, stories, quotes, or DIY domestic church ideas. Check out Mirna’s front porch photos by visiting Quarantine Comfort on our homepage, and click on Share Sanity and Sanctity to share your own moments of inspirations—whether they be sanctifying or silly! Many of us feel the threat of isolation these days, and we are craving community. So don’t keep your brilliant ideas and inspirations to yourself. Please share, and let us join together in giving thanks for the graces we have received because gratitude brings joy, and joy is contagious!

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