Interview: How Sacrifice Leads to Joy

Maggie Caine // Tales From the Trenches


March 12  

After pulling up a chair and sipping on a few cups of goodness the beauty unfolds with a certain warmth. Maggie Caine shares from her heart about her journey into the sacred call of motherhood. She is pursuing her faith and keeps pressing deeper into the understanding of the genius of Catholic motherhood. Through this season with her newborn, Augustine, she uncovers the source of yet more power to live the life God led her to – the joy found in sacrifice. She and her husband, Alex, are living the sacramental path of sanctification—specifically in the call to the vocation to marriage and family life. Her witness might just shine a light on where you find yourself today – asking God what he is showing you in your own tender journey? How is sacrifice leading you to deepen your well of joy, as God changes the world one domestic church at a time.

-Jolly Hormillosa

Question 1: Our mission here at Mighty Is Her Call is to encourage mothers in their powerful vocation. Catholic mothers pour themselves out for others, reflecting Christ’s sacrifice of himself for us. As a first-time mom, how has your vocation reflected Christ’s sacrificial love?

Maggie: Well, it’s affected sacrifice – it has changed my entire way of life. I prayed and asked God to do his will but if you asked me ten years ago, I’d never guess I would not be working full-time on my career. But, that I would be home spending my days with taking care of my family in very practical ways.

Question 2: How has motherhood changed the relationship you have with your husband? In what ways?

Maggie: I think I knew going in – I knew that Alex and I would have to become a new “us” with very real sacrifice of my body. Of giving myself to our child and then finding new ways to be intentional and make time for us as a couple.

Question 3: How do you feel like your role as a Catholic mother is counter cultural? Do you see any differences in your view of your vocation to those of the world around you?

Maggie: I did not go back to work full time, and I have not been in this role before. Because of my faith, I am able to embrace my new role inside the home and feel empowered by my faith through what I am doing. I think from a merely cultural standpoint, I would struggle to know that my work is so powerful and important to my family and the world.

Question 4: There are lots of first-time mothers out there who read this blog. What advice would you give to encourage them when they feel overwhelmed by all the firsts?

Maggie: Community! I cannot say this enough – having a community of faith-filled, Catholic moms is key. Even moms with slightly different stories offer a depth of encouragement. We are not alone in this calling.

Question 5: What motherhood “first” has ravished your heart?

Maggie: Let me say that breastfeeding did not come easy for me. So, after 3 months when it finally clicked, Augustine and I began this back and forth cooing that we do during our nursing sessions. It’s him cooing at me, then me cooing back at him in response. This was our first little game and that’s when it hit me: this sweet, unique, mother and son relationship is solely ours, and it’s just the beginning of a beautiful bond!


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