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October 14  

It was when our family was young, and we had a rental house with a huge backyard, that I acquired the small outdoor statue of Mary that was my grandmother’s. I was so proud to put it right by a tree in the middle of the yard, just as I remembered it in my Grammy’s yard. At some point, as I was outside with my young kiddos taking advantage of the weather, my son, who was probably two, decided Mama Mary was thirsty and gave her water from his water bottle. He looked at me very matter-of-factly and told me exactly what he was doing. It was just about the sweetest thing. 

As mothers, we love to see our children embracing our Lady and making her part of the family. One of my favorite traditions is to pray a family Rosary. Yes, sometimes we are more into it than at other times, but it is amazing. For his confirmation last year, my son was given a “spiritual warfare” kit, containing a rosary in an ammo can. It is one of his prized possessions, and I think he enjoys showcasing it when we pray our family Rosary. 

I also feel guilty at times for not saying a family Rosary more often, but I am comforted by the sentiment that accompanies this phrase: “Holding the rosary is like holding the Blessed Mother’s hand.” I love falling asleep holding a rosary. If I’m “with it” enough, I’ll pray till I fall asleep. Sometimes (most of the time) I just hold onto it while I’m sleeping. It’s as if Mama Mary is telling me everything will be alright. I’ve also encouraged my children to do the same when they have trouble sleeping. Some might consider this a “placebo effect,” but there is true peace and comfort in knowing you’re being held by the mother of our Lord. (Disregard the fact that rosaries might end up missing, on the floor, or under the mattress from shifting while sleeping.)

During this month of the Holy Rosary, let’s run to and embrace the spiritual weapon of the Rosary. Knowing the history of the devotion, as well as the messages of Our Lady herself, let us not think that we can do nothing in raising our children during these tumultuous times. These times that are filled with dragons need our children—our virtuous dragon slayers. One of the best ways to give them strength for the battles is to pray the Rosary. Let us pray it with them. Let us pray it for them. 

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  • Beautiful article! I love how you have taught your children to embrace Our Lady and ask for her protection over your family.

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