I See You

Irene Alexander // Genius of the Call


August 31  

My precious daughter, 

So today was a rough day! Your children were particularly trying and you went to bed in tears. 

You thought to yourself, “What a terrible day! I am not cut out for this. I must be a bad mother.” My precious daughter, it is not so. I know because I see you. 

When you worry about what each child needs and come up with thoughtful ways to lift their spirits, I see you. When you stand firm in your “no” to your children’s irrational pleas and no one else in the world sees your interior courage, I see you. When you are worn out and exhausted beyond belief, but you look around your home and feel that you have nothing to show for all your efforts and a tear rolls down your cheek, I see you. 

The truth is, you have no idea how great you’re actually doing. You’ve brought joy, laughter, and smiles. You’ve brought warmth, love, compassion, and that tenderness that makes your children feel heard and understood. You fix a myriad of their problems, help them get organized, and somehow, magically, whip up a meal even though you had no idea how it was all going to come together. See it!  Because I do. 

Today, my precious daughter, just know two things. 

You are enough. 

You are deeply loved by the God of the Universe . . .

. . . by the God who isn’t so big and mighty that he can’t see you and what you do.

So, take heart! I wouldn’t have given you these children if I didn’t think you were the best person in the world to be their mom. Because you are. 

With love, 

Your Heavenly Father

P.S. Chocolate is a sign that I want you to be happy. 


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