I offer this clip as a bit of comic relief. When you click play, think of me coming apart.

Kelley Cramer // Quarantine Comfort


April 3  

I had memorized the list of Coronavirus symptoms after typing them so many times in emails to patients while helping my husband navigate closures of his practice. This was early on in the crisis, and I had been totally tuned into the news and developments on the virus. When my daughter informed us that she didn't feel well and her head hurt, my immediate thought was, Oh my goodness, headache is on the list! As I scoured the house looking for a thermometer, my “Momma Bear” adrenaline kicked in as I considered the possibility that she could be infected. I immediately whispered a prayer for our family’s protection and gave it to Jesus. Thankfully, she had no fever, so my concerns were lessened, and I went back to work. As I sat in front of the computer, I kid you not, I. Could. Not. Breathe! I told myself, Calm down. You’re okay. The more I tried to comfort myself, the harder it was to breathe. All I could think was, shortness of breath is another symptom, and now I’ve got the Coronavirus, too! It would just be a matter of time before both of our fevers set in! Before I knew it, I was in Full Throttle Hysteria!!! My husband half-listening to me when I voiced my concerns assured me that we were both just exhausted and that all of the conference calls and the 24-hour news were creating anxiety. How could he dismiss my fears when I have THE VIRUS!!! Clearly, I was not thinking rationally, but, with a snuggle and a kiss, my sweet hubby talked me “off the ledge” and I was cured, thanks be to God!

Now, I have a new outlook, Jesus intervened and helped me to focus on my family and what's most important.  We need to talk to our little lambs while we have their ears. We need to play outside in the backyard, enjoy the sunshine, make cupcakes, have dance parties...Think about all the times we as mommies have cried and begged, “Jesus, make the world stop just for a little while,” so we can focus on our family and the things that are most important. He heard our cries and let it stop just for us.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-P6s2Lj5Tkk

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