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May 14  

I am amazed to behold the support and joy I’ve experienced when I connect with other moms. It’s truly an amazing gift. It is a joy to share in conversation and to understand one another as Catholic women and as mothers dedicated to opening our hearts and serving our Lord in building the tapestry of the Church. Oh the poignant beauty of this call—the Mighty One longs to give each one of us his very heart through this vocation! 

This connection with other moms is the reason I started the Mighty Is Her Call blog. 

My hope for the very words you read in every post is that they open a door, start a conversation, connect me to you, and connect you to an entire community of women who will share your challenges, celebrate your triumphs, and offer encouragement as we take this holy walk through motherhood. Together.   

Conversations can be a catalyst. I have seen the positive impact they can make. I have experienced elements of the blessing that grow with each exchange:

  1. Awareness

I’ve learned the gritty realities of other mothers engaged in the vocation of living out the call. Their sacrifices and willingness to pursue holy excellence serve as a reminder to me to persevere,  and it strengthens my call. Today, I know that I am not alone in my pursuit of the true beauty and joy of motherhood. I am part of a body—the body of Christ.

  1. Vulnerability 

When I am able to share and connect with another mom, my burden is lifted. I can be vulnerable, identify concerns, and share some of my real stuff.  A fellow mom listens without judgement and understands the sacrifice, heartache, happiness, and hope that motherhood brings. After every mom-to-mom conversation, I see more clearly, feel at rest, and find the restorative grace to move onward.

  1. Grace

It’s not that I have perfect friends or that I’ve “got this” holy motherhood covered! As a matter of fact, many of my confessions start like this: “I don’t have what it takes . . . I am always at the beginning . . . I was really going to get it right this time . . . it was going to be so much prettier . . .” But whenever I get to that point, it’s my fellow moms who remind me this journey is a work-in-progress, give yourself the freedom to sometimes fail. Accept the grace to move on in humility. And so I do. 

  1. Hope

I feel blessed-straight-lucky when I have the privilege to offer encouragement, enthusiasm, and hope to my mom-in-the-trenches friends. In those moments, my walk is full of purpose and meaning. I am reminded of this kingdom truth when I can share that God has graced me with joy and led me straight through the hardest of hard places. 

Let your Kingdom come in the hearts of mothers!

I know that I cannot magically transport my favorite tribe of Catholic moms to my living room at any given moment to share their immediate daily wounds, wisdom, hilarity, or delightful joys. But what if I could invite them and others to experience these “mounts of transfiguration” more often? 

How could these experiences be strung through the week like patio lights on a dark night? A blog, A catalyst for conversation!  A place for moms like you to find warmth and enrichment and light along the way. A place to know that you do not have to feel so isolated. A place to know that other moms understand.

The blog is here to make space for those pure bright spots.

How might you join the conversation today?

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Bring on the bright spots! Let’s keep this conversation going and growing.

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