He Fights for Me

Natalia Schumann // Tales From the Trenches


May 10  

This morning was shower day. I had been sitting in my chair in the living room waiting for our one bathroom to be free of other dirty bodies washing up. Nobody, I repeat, nobody needed me. Not a child in sight. As soon as the shower is free, I move in, get ready to assume the position (aka naked), and wouldn’t you know it, two of the three children have not only found me, they come into the bathroom with their whiny “mom” calls followed by the litany of things they now immediately need from a mom who’s naked and about to take 3 minutes to herself! I can’t make this stuff up. I’m convinced I have a magnet inside of me that activates when I shift from “available” to “unavailable” and all the kids run! Catch Mom before she does something for herself, their inner voices trigger.

All children evacuate the bathroom with my patient, “I’m not available right now, check in with Dad.” Finally, a moment alone. After rinsing shampoo from my hair, I open my eyes to see my three-year-old perched on the closed toilet seat, intently staring at me. “I just want to watch.” As sweet as that voice is, I just can’t do this right now. Mom needs a break!

I tersely holler above the din of the rushing warm water, “Beeeeeeen.” Within seconds I hear heavy, stern footsteps coming down the hall, into the bathroom. My husband swiftly picks up my beloved three-year-old and whisks her away from my steamy bathroom. I breathe a deep sigh of relief. I can feel the palpable peace descend upon the room. It’s so good to have someone fight on my behalf.

Is this how Jesus fights for us? I think the answer, of course, is YES! His very name brings action, change, and relief. 

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