Halfway Through, Halfway To: Perfect Time

Gail DeMasi // Tales From the Trenches


March 30  

Just gotta love when the Lord tells you something using your own child’s mouth. 

“Stop whining.”


“Stop whining.” 

Andre and I were looking for a speaker when I complained about where it could have gone—thus, he gently told me to “stop whining.”

It wasn’t until about an hour later when I suddenly realized that it was the Lord who communicated to me. I could not help but laugh. Of course, I am a whiner, and I was whining. Truth? I was mad at my husband, Andy, who was mad at me. And I was too proud to let it all go. I was in the middle of a withdrawal-from-life-and-shut-down episode when Andre spoke to me.

Time to pause. Perfect time, halfway through my day. A good time for a Three-by-Five Examen: five reasons to give thanks; five moments in need of God’s mercy or forgiveness; and five areas to ask for God’s help. 

Gratitude to God for five things that have already happened:

  • Thank you, Lord, for a great night’s sleep, my morning prayer time, my swim with Andre; thank you, for showing me my pride (the cause of my spiritual deafness), and thank you for causing me to laugh out loud! 

Asking God for mercy or forgiveness for five things that I could have done better:

  • I held onto my anger towards Andy this morning; I ragged on N to do a better job; I stayed withdrawn when Andy was chatting with me; I hardened my heart when I heard about J; and I whined with my complaining heart. 

Entrusting God with five things that are going to come with the second half of my day and asking for his guidance:

  • When I see Andy again, I will give him a hug; I will finish three things on my list; I will pray to my Lady; I will reconcile my heart about J, (Lord, help me to let it go); I will either dance, play, or laugh before I go to bed tonight. 

We are halfway through Lent; we are halfway to Easter. We just celebrated Laetare Sunday—Laetare meaning rejoice. The Church expresses hope and joy amid our fasting and penance. How beautiful, how merciful, how loving is our God and our faith. The great thing about God is his time—always perfect. Any of us can begin again every day.

It is in this perfect time that I renew my daily Three-by-Five Examen, and I look forward to spending the rest of Lent somewhere between halfway and there.

I am glad because I am not in this alone, but have the best partner in my loving Father God. Andy and Andre will be so glad.


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