God Knows

Hannah Sumpter // Genius of the Call


December 21  

Some days you don’t feel the joy, and your motherhood doesn’t feel like a blessing. Some days you don’t feel like praying, and you don’t feel God speaking or moving in your life. 

That’s okay. 

God knows those days will come, and he knows how thankful you are for your motherhood, even when you don’t feel it. 

God knows your heart, and he knows those times of struggle are not permanent. He knows, even if you don’t, that your distance in prayer isn’t a lack of love for him and that your soul is still directed toward him. 

That’s why he’s God. 

God is immovable in love and desire for us. God is omnipotent in his knowledge of our lives, our minds, and our souls. God is unwavering in his commitment to our salvation. 

So give it to him. Give him your hurt, your pain, your sadness, and even your anger. No matter its origin, God wants it. 

Suffering wasn’t meant to be here, yet the fall from grace brought it. We suffer through this life seeking him but often forget we cannot suffer rightly without him. 

So, on those days when you don’t feel the joy, and you don’t feel like singing his praises—don’t. Complain to him instead. 

He knows. He hears. And he will comfort you

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