Flowers from Heaven

Kelley Cramer // Tales From the Trenches


April 28  

At breakfast, my daughters announced that they were starting a nine-day rose novena to St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the “The Little Flower.” Their intentions were for the restored health of a dear family friend, the students and teachers of their school, and the protection of our family from the coronavirus.

On the last day of the novena, the girls came to me and asked, “How will St. Thérèse give us a sign during this pandemic when everything is shut down, and we have to stay home? I told them I wasn’t sure, but to keep their eyes and hearts open, for she would have to be creative considering the world’s dire circumstances. I explained it could be an image of a rose on a mail advertisement or on a billboard on the way to the grocery store. As I hugged them, I whispered words of assurance that, “Even if a rose doesn’t appear, have confidence that St. Thérèse will indeed bring your intentions to our Sweet Jesus.”  In unison, they responded, “Absolutely! You’re right, Mom.

The next day an unexpected package arrived on our front porch as if straight from Heaven’s garden! Upon opening the box, we could smell the wonderful fragrance of ROSES—lots and lots of beautiful, red roses attached to a silver crucifix! As we lifted the cross, the flowers unfurled into a beautiful decade of Our Lady’s rosary. Enclosed with this precious gift was a note from a dear friend, Julia Miller, the owner of I met Julia a couple of years ago when I asked her to make a rosary for my niece’s funeral. We became friends over the course of many conversations about our Catholic faith and her mission to serve God through her floral ministry. She explained that a recent order had left her with some extra roses and, “They were just too beautiful to go to waste.” So she lovingly strung them into a prayer and sent them to us. Unbeknownst to her, this great act of kindness served as a confirmation of prayers answered. We were overcome with joy!

Reflecting on the girls’ novena, this was without a doubt a miraculous sign from The Little Flower of Jesus! Thank you, St. Thérèse of Lisieux, for showering us with your love and affirming my girls’ faith.

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  • This is so beautiful and heartwarming! I truly believe that St. Therese does indeed, shower us with roses from heaven in unexpected ways! Once, when I was praying hard for her intercession, I put on a jacket I’d not worn in a few months and found a handful of dried rosebuds in the pocket!

  • I read this yesterday and keep thinking about it, I think because it demonstrates the reality of our faith and the power of trusting prayer. Thank you for sharing this awesome story. Your girls are an inspiration!

  • Really enjoyed reading your beauitful story about that dear friend who is doing GREAT… was truly a miracle after 3 months waiting for a diagnoses. … your daughters wonderful prayers truly worked. Their novena prayers were a tremendous blessing and he is living proof that their prayers were answered from above through them.

  • Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! St. Therese showers us with her love and reassures us of her intercessions through her roses!

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