Finding Jesus Along the Daily Path 


April 14  

The Road to Emmaus is much like the road of motherhood. Just like the two disciples walking along the path, mothers can get caught up in conversations of worry, disappointment, or even fright over what may happen today or tomorrow, forgetting the promise that all will be well. In our everyday journeys through to-do lists, school and extracurricular carpooling, and other day-to-day tasks, it is easy to forget the presence of Jesus among the ordinary details of our lives. It seems that I have often walked many miles neglectful of God’s presence as I have allowed the world’s distractions to consume my mind and heart. It is at those moments when I take the time to pause and look around that I realize I am lost. I begin to wonder, “How am I going to make it back home?”

But Christ knows us well. Just when we think we are lost, he comes to our side and is ready to shepherd us back home. Through small moments, such as conversation with a friend, seeing our kids make a connection to God in a way that we have been praying for, or even a Holy Spirit encounter at the grocery store, Christ finds many ways to remind us that even amid the most ordinary of days or moments of confusion, he is—and always will—remain at our side.

Just as the two disciples learned along the way, no matter our daily challenges or doubts, we need not worry as all will be okay. Divine support is always available for us to lean on whenever we need a helping hand. Christ will always meet us in our daily routines, ready to help us through whatever difficult task lies ahead.

So, I pray that when you feel lost in the weeds lining the pathways of motherhood, you, like the disciples in the Emmaus story, will take Christ’s direction, pick up the Sacred Scriptures, and hold steadfast to prayer. He has given us all that we need to find our way back home. We need only to lean on him and do as he says.

And may our example of trusting Christ while walking these paths be an ever-guiding light for the paths our children will walk. Jesus, I trust in you.

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