Enough In The Light of Faith

Amy Lerner // Genius of the Call


March 5  

Faith is like a bright ray of sun light. It enables us to see God in all things, as well as all things in God.” – St. Francis de Sales

Every so often, my daughter stands looking out the window at twilight and calls out, “Mom! Look!” In the midst of doing dishes, making dinner, and checking schoolwork, the wonder and surprise in her voice draw me over to see what she sees. 

She marvels at a beautiful sunset featuring a sky full of oranges and purples, baby blues and cotton-candy pinks. I marvel that my littlest gift from God sees and appreciates these subtle gifts from God and that she wants to share them with me. She looks out in awe at light streaming through clouds as darkness falls. And, for a moment, both of us are still, appreciating this brief beauty shared with us by our Creator.

Lent is a time given to us by the Church that forces us to slow down. We turn inward, fasting from excess, in an effort to better align ourselves with Christ. We add prayers, alms, and sacrifices to our days and weeks. It can feel dark and hard and lonely, but we are able to endure the darkness, difficulty, and loneliness because of our hope in Christ. 

Just as my daughter’s call pries me away from dishes, dinner, and a myriad of other mom jobs, Lent calls to us amidst the mundane to focus on the light of Christ. A few of us may require a St. Paul moment, where a BIG flash of light demands us to listen to God, but, for most of us, we are called to see, love, and serve God in our normal day-to-day lives. In the light of day and the dark of night, we serve our families—and God—in all the big and little things we do.

Sometimes, that normal, mundane life may feel overwhelming. There are too many to-dos, not enough time, not enough money, just . . . not enough anything! Because, without God, we simply aren’t enough. We need his grace to make ends meet. My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor 12:9). He will provide the grace and the strength, even in our weakness (and a lot of those weaknesses become pretty apparent during Lent!).

In the dark, he is there. Despite our weakness, he is there. Even in the mundane, he is there. St. Theresa of Avila is known to have said, “Our Lord moves amidst the pots and pans.” It’s nice to know we’re not alone, even if a lot of times it may feel like it.

He is always there, if only we stop to look. Little gifts from God are all around us. And with every sunset, we get a reminder. Light shines through, even in the impending darkness. 

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  • This is something I’ve been struggling with this season…we’ve made a MAJOR life transition for our family and its been difficult and lonely in ways I didn’t think it would be, this post was a good reminder for me.

    • I’ll be praying for you, Christina! I know transition is so hard with children (and “major” transition is even harder!). Keep up the beautiful work of your motherhood!

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