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Kathryn Rombs

It is such a privilege for me to contribute my "time, talent, and treasure" to this organization.

I have six children, ages five to eighteen. I had no idea that being a Catholic wife and mother would be so exciting, exhausting, and rewarding.

I am happy to contribute to Mighty Is Her Call because I love supporting Catholic mothers, and because it is the ministry that I needed and did not have in both the initial stages of motherhood and later when I found myself in the trenches. Being a Catholic mother has brought me to the brink of my abilities— and at times, my sanity. I need the retreats and the daily blog of Mighty Is Her Call to keep my vision on the importance of my vocation, and to find consolation, humor, good reminders, ideas, and advice from other mothers. I love the communities, local as well as online, that are forming through this ministry.

I am also happy to contribute to Mighty Is Her Call because there is no other ministry for mothers that is dedicated especially to open-to-life Catholic mothers. The open-to-life dimension of being a mother has presented a whole new level of challenge, and yet brought me to a whole new level of intimacy with God (mostly because it keeps me on my knees!). In a very special way, being open to life helps Catholic mothers to live out Christ's words, "No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends" (John 15:12). Openness to life is, for some women, a primary way that they make a complete gift of themselves to God and their family. It is how they renounce the world and cling to Christ. I find Catholic motherhood to be a vocation that is worth supporting and promoting, as it is a saint-making vocation that offers mothers a modern way to deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow Christ (Matthew 16:24), thus living a life of radical discipleship.

I pray for Mighty Is Her Call—that more and more mothers will be strengthened in their faith and their vocation, and that the Church will be aided by its increased appreciation of the mother saints in her midst.

KAthryn Rombs

Helen LaKelly Hunt

I’m so honored to be listed as a ‘Mary’s Mom’ for Mighty Is Her Call. When we contribute to this ministry of motherhood, I see it as honoring our Blessed Mother Mary—the love she has for her Son Jesus, as well as her devotion to motherhood. As mothers, we can look to Mary for our power, our hope, our strength. In celebration of the selfless love that mothers around the world give, I share the words of St. John Paul II: From Mary we learn to surrender to God’s will in things. From Mary we learn to trust even when all hope seems gone .... Learn from her to be always faithful, to trust that God’s Word to you will be fulfilled, and that nothing is impossible with God. I choose to contribute to Mighty Is Her Call because of this ministry's faithfulness in spreading this message. My hope is that every mother touched by this ministry would make a gift of any size, so that she is not only benefiting from the Ministry but building it as well. Mothers can lift up each other’s voices about the power of our selfless love—the giving of ourselves for the sake of others. I so hope that every mother will give the gift that is just right for herself. When Mighty is Her Call begins to spread to other countries, soon many other mothers will have access to the mutual support we offer in this ministry.

Helen LaKelly Hunt

Annie  Muller

Mighty Is Her Call has been such a blessing in my life! The ministry captures the miracle, awe, and wonder of motherhood, but also honestly speaks to the sacrifice, and constant giving of self it requires. I appreciate the voices of humor, encouragement, and insight offered, and the support of mothers helping mothers, whether it is in the daily blog or the retreats. It is so important in these times when the family is under assault, and women are constantly being told motherhood can wait, or it is not worth the sacrifice, to have a voice above the noise speaking the truth and proclaiming the power of this vocation. I pray God's continued blessing upon this ministry and that every woman who finds it will be blessed and encouraged that God has called them to great things, and that they can do small (and big) things with great love.

Annie  Muller

Rebecca Sanford

Some might find this shocking. I do.... I have nine children- seven boys and two girls! Not only that - but I’m the mother-in-law and grandmother of two very special ladies! “You must be a saint!” some exclaim. “Are you crazy?” ask others.  Well, no and yes, but I have lived to tell about it and am a better woman for it.

Often, I think people believe that one “has to be a certain way” to be able to do something extraordinary, but building a life, growing a family, and doing something beautiful happens a little at a time.

As a twenty-one-year-old new mom, I was full of idealism and optimism, and I instinctively knew that the call to motherhood was a profound way to live a Christian life. My heart full of love for God, my husband and my son, I wanted to throw myself headlong into my vocation. My romantic notions of what my life would be - think homemade applesauce, a perfectly peaceful and organized version of me wearing Birkenstocks and long flowing skirts, perfect family life, sunshine and rainbows all the time - were altered when the daily and ongoing challenges of motherhood and marriage became real. This idealist had to learn that being a Catholic mother is not about doing and being a certain, perfect way. Rather, being a Catholic mother is about embracing the life God is giving me each day, each hour, and each minute with the very real grace he is giving me. Certainly, I use my unique skills and gifts, but no amount of creativity, flute playing, general athleticism, nursing skills, or applesauce quite covers all the needs. Not even the most skilled plate spinner among us has everything it takes.

Finishing nursing school with a baby and moving around the country multiple times (and even overseas), learning to navigate all the ins and outs of raising children at the various stages of development, weathering illnesses great and small, dealing with personal issues, living away from family, going back to work, and maintaining a marriage relationship have been more difficult than I could have imagined. And frankly, it’s more than I can manage - on my own.

The remarkable thing about being a Christian, and specifically a mother, is that we are called to do and to be more than we alone are capable of doing and being. And why can we do it?  We can do it because we are not alone. We have the grace and power of a real, living, and present God who is with us more intimately than we can fathom. As a Catholic, I have grace from the sacraments as well as Christ present to me in my fellow Christians. He is as real and present as the faces of my husband and children and neighbors.

I am excited to be a part of Mighty is Her Call because motherhood is so vitally important to build up strong members of the Church and the world. I value the opportunity to offer excellent mothers’ retreats, so mothers can find respite, encouragement, and grace to be fortified in their mighty vocation. I hope our blog is a place where mothers can connect with one another and find much needed support, inspiration, and community.

Rebecca Sanford