Christmastide with COVID

Mary Schaad // Tales From the Trenches


January 19  

We got COVID for the holidays. It seems to be the story of many people right now. Sitting at home on Christmas Day, while surrounded by tons of food and drink we bought when we had thought there would be a party going on at our house, seemed to sink us all into a deeper funk.

I felt very alone on that day—a day that’s traditionally filled with lots of friends and relatives. And then I made the mistake of looking at Facebook. You would think I should know by now that looking at people’s happy Facebook photos while I am feeling sad will only make my emotions feel worse. While I was wallowing in self-pity for what, in my mind, was “a ruined holiday,” I could not even let in positive experiences. I either would not or could not allow myself to focus on the many texts sent to me by concerned friends and family, who (unlike me) were reaching out with sympathy, despite illness in their own families. After the texts came meals—surprise Instacart and Chick-fil-A deliveries. 

Despite these many signs of love, I still could only dwell on how my holiday had been ruined and how it was not picture-perfect. It was not until a few days after Christmas that I began to see the lightthe light of God’s love. I wish now that right at the start of the daythe day that had started for Mary in a barn—I had been able to turn my perspective around and see how blessed I am. There was no better way for me to experience the true meaning of Christmas than by having COVID and seeing the wonderful support system with which God has surrounded me.

Lord, you have shown me once again how much I am loved. Please forgive me that my gratitude was so long in coming. During the coming year, grant that I may be swift to say, “Thank you.” Let me see with compassionate eyes those family members and friends who could use a helping hand, and encourage me to run to their support. And thank you for my special COVID-Christmas this year.

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  • I think that during this last year, we have all been exactly where you were at Christmas. Thanks for sharing. Praise God for having those good friends and moments gratitude even when they are long in coming.

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