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Jeanne Travasos // Quarantine Comfort


March 31  

Jeanne Travasos

Big houses, little houses, ice cream shops, bike trails, scooter paths, dress boutiques, flower shops, fast food restaurants, fine dining establishments, salons, even a Walmart - no, we are NOT breaking out of quarantine. The kids in our neighborhood created a colorful cityscape out of sidewalk chalk on the street in front of our homes. Each kid, big and small, added their own creations and then gleefully zipped around the vibrant chalk streets on their scooters and bikes - at socially acceptable distances, of course. Thankfully we live on a relatively quiet street and the kids can use the street for bike riding, scooter races, and now, artwork! I even helped my youngest create her cottage, complete with a tree and a swing. Just being outside in the nice weather, chatting with neighbors in the yard made me feel more at ease and less isolated. No matter what your living situation, I hope you can get out of the house for a walk or a bike ride and at least tell your neighbors hi!

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