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Renew your heart and receive the gift God longs to pour out through your motherhood!

Our personally customizable audio retreats were created to help meet the spiritual needs of busy moms in
any circumstance.

About Catholic Mothers' Retreat

Catholic Mothers’ Retreat is an apostolate of Mighty Is Her Call, a Catholic Mother’s ministry dedicated to increasing awareness of motherhood as a powerful vocation.  Our retreats are:

  • Sacramental, offering Mass and the opportunity for Confession
  • Enriching, reminding a Catholic mother of her purpose and importance
  • Encouraging, offering true stories about trials and triumphs of real Catholic mothers
  • Community-building, offering the chance to connect with other moms

Mothers make a living gift of their bodies, hearts, souls and minds to raise and nurture their children. Catholic mothers pour themselves out for others, reflecting Christ’s sacrifice of himself for us. In this way, Catholic mothers are leaders of the Church, showing by their example one uniquely feminine, vital way of bringing the Gospel of love and joy to our hurting world.

A Catholic Mothers' Retreat is an event that honors mothers by offering a day of restoration and encouragement, giving moms a chance to reflect on the importance of their vocation, relax, and remember just how powerful, meaningful, and Christ-filled their role is as a mother.

Catholic Mother's Retreat is an affiliate of Mighty Is Her Call, a Catholic Mothers’ Ministry, a non-profit 501(c)3.


"I am leaving this retreat today renewed in inspiration and purpose." 

"I never realized that our work as mothers is so close to God's work.  I now see how holy our role as mothers truly is." 

"In truth, I was unsure whether I wanted to attend this retreat, because my family life is so troubled and I did not want to come be with a bunch of perfect Catholic mothers who have it all together.  So I really appreciated how real the speakers were, being so vulnerable, and showing us how God can work through our brokenness."

“I just wanted to thank you sincerely for the mothers’ retreat. It was a beautiful experience meeting women with so many different stories filled with love, joy, anguish, sadness, and many other emotions and situations that make up the human condition. In each of these, all were seeking God’s presence and will for their lives. You are doing wonderful work and I was blessed to be a small part of it.”

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