Being a Mother of Loss

Hannah Sumpter // Genius of the Call


July 22  

Being a mother of loss is a great honor from God.

Although it is still painful to watch earthly mothers share this life with their children as they hug them, love them, and teach them the faith. 

We long to join that group and wrap our children in our arms as we teach them about one day meeting Jesus.

But, you see, earthly mothers are raising their children to become saints. 

While we mothers of loss are honored by God with children who are already saints. 

So, instead of praying that our children one day meet Jesus, our children are already with Jesus and know of him in all his magnitude. 

Instead of showering our children with love and affection in this life, we deepen our faith and trust in God by building a spiritual love for our children, who have already joined the afterlife and the glorious communion of saints. 

In addition to praying for faithfulness and the salvation of our own souls, we have a private intercessor who is already saved and continually praying for us, so that we may one day attain the same joys in Heaven. 

When we’re a mother of loss, death becomes less frightening and more exciting, as our earthly death means we are one step closer to finally meeting our children. 

And when we do, we will see our tiny saints lovingly wrapped in the arms of God, waiting for our arrival. 

It is then that we will finally gather our precious babies into our arms and cover them with all the love and affection we missed while on earth.  

Because in Heaven, our motherhood has just begun.

And it will last for all eternity.

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