Begging For Healing


February 18  

I have suffered from chronic pain most of my life. Throughout the Gospels we see Jesus healing the sick, and we see the sick flocking to him in desperate need of his healing power. I relate well with the desperation of these people. The sick begged him that they might touch one tassel on his cloak. As we enter into another Lenten season, it is particularly important we ask the Lord to reveal the places in our lives that need healing. 

One of the things that drew me to the Catholic Church as a convert was her beautiful teaching and understanding of suffering and God’s desire to use it for our good and the good of others. My ability to unite my suffering to Jesus’ suffering on the cross, and in turn, suffering’s ability to refine and prepare me for an eternity with God, has been remarkably liberating for me as I continue to battle daily pain. 

Yet, every time I read a story of Jesus’ healing power, I wrestle with his choice not to heal me. I am certain I am not alone in this. We serve a good, kind, and merciful God, who has the ability and power to heal us entirely. He can heal us of our physical, mental, and spiritual pain, and yet we often continue to experience great suffering. We may wonder if the Jesus of the Gospels is even present to us. I can honestly say, with a joyful and resounding certainty, that he is! 

One of the fruits of my suffering has been to see my children wrestle with these same questions and to be able to assure them that Christ’s plans are perfect, and that he knows this suffering is not just my path to heaven, but theirs as well, and that it is truly a privilege to suffer with Christ. They often lose their mother to pain, and it is difficult for all of us when I have to disappear to my room while life goes on without me. But I have seen Christ fill every hole it leaves. I have seen him comfort them; I have seen him produce compassion in them, and I have seen him reveal himself to them in ways he otherwise could not. One of the beauties of Lent is choosing small sacrifices and sufferings in order to give Christ the opportunity to work the miracle of refining suffering in our lives. He calls us to deeper surrender of comfort and ego so that we may see him more clearly. 

We are all in need of healing, and we are assured that Christ will heal us. I remind my children of this all the time. Whatever crosses we carry, we are assured of the resurrection. We often hope to be relieved of our crosses this side of heaven, and that can happen, and we should ask for that (Christ reminds us again and again to ask), and yet our hope is in heaven. The same faith and hope that brings us to fight a crowd just to touch a tassel of our Lord’s garment will bring us to an eternity with him. This Lent, my prayer for my family and yours, is that we seek out that tassel, grab on, and never let go. 

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  • Absolutely true…and beautiful. With His Grace and Strength we offer Him our pains
    and daily trials to thank Him for His suffering for us this side of eternity….and may our trials help others…especially those closest to us to….to enter into their own sufferings united to His so that some day we may all be united together to praise Him forever in Eternity!

    • So beautifully said, Mary! Thank you for these thoughtful comments. May God bless you daily in your pouring out for your family in this beautiful vocation.

    • You are so welcome Joanne! I am so blessed that the Holy Spirit can bring us together in this vocation and in our desire to be made holy. Count on my prayers as you keep seeking him!

  • Needed to ‘hear’ this today! I will be having on repeat: “Refining suffering and deeper surrender”. Thank you, Annie! Prayers for you!

    • God bless you, Jenn! Love that God is so patient with us as we learn this lesson. Thank you for the prayers, I am so grateful! Count on mine for you as well!

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